Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette Review and Swatches

Hello, strangers.

A few life updates: I’m done with school for this semester, and I started my new full-time job at the preschool. I’m also still working at the shoe store on the weekends, so I’m keeping busy! I’m moving into an apartment in 10 days, and I’m freaking out because I’ve never lived away from my parents, plus I have to start finding things for my new place and blah blah blah. It’s really time consuming (and expensive!), so I’m really sorry I’ve been slacking on postings… Hopefully once I move, I’ll be able to keep up with everything!

Please don’t hate me for posting this palette that’s currently sold out… Also, according to Morphe Brushes’ website, “this limited edition item will not be restocked.” But, regardless of the fact that the palette is sold out, you can still individually order the eyeshadows and pop them in a Z-palette. I’ll link each individual shadow on Morphe’s website under each swatch picture, if you’re interested!


Anyway, I ordered this palette after the restock, because it was like immediately sold out after the first time they released it. I have to admit that I’m not a huge Jaclyn Hill follower. I don’t watch every video she posts (in fact, I think I’ve seen like a total of 5) or anything like that, but I just thought this palette looked like a good mix of things that I gravitate towards.


The shadows are really nice quality for being such an inexpensive palette (for 28 shadows, it was $27.99, which is a good deal because the individual shadows are $2 a piece). The shimmers are much better quality than the mattes, which aren’t necessarily bad, but they do have fallout, much like any matte shadow, and my swatches required a few passes before they really showed true-to-color. I won’t bore you too much more with the details because there’s literally hundreds of reviews out there for this palette. I definitely think that this palette was worth my money and I really think I’ll get my use out of it.


Also, I swatched these shadows in each column, which is a little different. I think some of the shadows work best in these groups of four, and also I’m really bad at taking a picture of 7 eyeshadow swatches on one arm. I’m not a contortionist. Here we go!


From left to right: Pearl (ES4), Petals (ES67), Wink for Pink (ES33), and Mysterious (ES11).


Glisten (ES54), Deep Skin (ES13), Dancing Queen (ES68), and Rosewood (ES59).


Lustrous (ES6), Toasted Hazlenut (ES62), Bridesmaid (ES16), and Sassy (ES38).


Pink Moscato (ES76), Crème Brule (ES63), Caramelized (ES15), and Radiance (ES53).


Caffè Mocchiato (ES64), Marbleized (ES20), Nuts for You (ES61), and Midnight Kiss (ES48).


Spice (ES14), Dazzling (ES47), Deep Cocoa (ES24), and Secretive (ES71).


Golden Glory (ES75), Fiesta (ES66), Burlesque (ES74), and Dirty Martini (ES19).

Hope this helped! And sorry about the lack of posts!


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