Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Polish Review

This is a pretty rare post for me. I hardly ever buy nail polish with the intention of reviewing it because no nail polish, even the fanciest, most expensive brand only stays on my nails for about a week maximum. Mostly because I work at a shoe store, where I am constantly ripping up boxes and breaking nails, et cetera.


I bought these nail polishes for $1.79 at Meijer and they had otherΒ cute colors to choose from (but not nearly as many as I would like). I picked up Sugar Coat (a very faint white-pink), Undercover (a mauvey rose shade), and On a Trip (a creamy medium purple). The price is the first major plus of these!


Second, the formula. I’m on day 8 with this nail polish and it still looks beautiful. I have the lightest color on my fingernails and the purple shade on my toenails. My fingers are starting to wear a little bit around the tips, but it’s in a way where you can’t tell unless you look really closely – no big chips, no peeling, nothing.


Third plus of this nail polish is the brush. It’s one of those wide brushes that covers almost the entire nail in one swipe, which I find so convenient. I hate when nail polishes have a brush so tiny and thin that you can only do half the nail before it starts to dry. Does that happen to anyone else? Anyway, that doesn’t happen with these.


The only negative that I’ve found is the opaqueness of the lightest shade – I put two coats on and I think I should have put on a third. However, the two other shades I picked out don’t have this issue at all. In fact, I think I could have gotten away with only one coat of the purple shade on my toes!


If you come across these nail polishes, I definitely recommend picking a few up!


13 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Polish Review

  1. stashmatters says:

    I have a few of these and they’re quite good for the price! Some of the colours in the range are super bright / juvenile for my taste though. I like that purple shade you picked “On a Trip” though!


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