Naked Palettes Comparison, Swatches, and Review (Picture-Heavy)

This is gonna be a huuuuge post. I’m warning you.


I guarantee you’ve heard of the Naked palettes at some point in your life, and I’m sure at least some of you own one (or all of them). I got the Naked 3 palette first when it came out like two years ago. Then, like a year later, I picked up the Naked 1 when they had a sale on Urban Decay’s website. Just a few weeks ago, I bought the Naked 2 with some of my rewards points at Ulta.


I’ll go through the palettes one by one, starting with Naked 1. This palette came with a travel size Primer Potion and a flat shader brush. I’m almost done with the primer (it has lasted me forever) but I never find myself using the brush in this or any of the Naked palettes. They’re very hard and dense and I find them difficult to work with. Just not my style.


The colors in this palette are described as bronze-hued, but you do get a nice gunmetal, and a few pinky-toned shades. This palette comes with two matte shades and ten shimmer/sparkle shades. The pigmentation on these is a-mazing, as with all of the palettes.



IMG_6120 IMG_6126



Now, the Naked 2. I wasn’t really drawn to this palette for the longest time. It never caught my eye and I couldn’t see myself wearing the cooler toned shades. Now that I have it, though, I find myself using it even more than the other two. The shadows in this palette are described as taupe-hued, and it includes two matte shades and ten shimmer/sparkle shades. Also included was a dual-ended shadow brush which, again, I never find myself using.



I think a major drawback of this palette is the lack of matte shades. I like to use a medium matte shade, then top it off with a darker matte shade in my crease, and I can’t really do that with this palette. I only have the one taupe matte, then the stark black. It’s quite a drastic difference, so I find myself using another palette in addition to this.






I don’t really find this to be a problem in the other two palettes because they have two matte shades that are closer in color to each other, so I think I can achieve the look that I want with just those, but the Naked 2 has the matte shades at way different ends of the spectrum. Maybe this is just me being picky, but it’s something I notice.

Another thing that annoys me is that my palette seems really hard to open. I have to almost force it open every time I want to use it. The packaging on the Naked 3 is similar, but I don’t have nearly has hard of a time opening it as the 2nd.

Last but not least, the Naked 3! This palette is my one true love. This is my first ever palette, and it inspired the rest of my collection, so it has a special place in my heart. It is described as rose-toned neutrals and has three matte shades and 9 shimmer/sparkle shades. It also came with a dual-ended brush, which I also don’t use (broken record).



A few of the pans in this palette fell out on mine (which I’ve heard has been a common problem) and I superglued them back in. However, on Blackheart, I added too much superglue and it overflowed into the eyeshadow. It was honestly one of the worst moments of my life. It’s still usable, but if you notice the color difference in the pictures, that is entirely my fault.






A few of these shades are quite powdery, especially Dust and Buzz, but the majority are smooth and buttery. This palette is actually a nice break from the other two because it’s not a “normal” neutral palette – it’s something a little different.

Another thing that I think is quiiiite ridiculous about these is the price. I understand they’re really good quality, but these each cost $54 (they used to be $52, but they raised the prices, apparently). I would say, if you’re thinking about these, wait to purchase them with rewards points OR wait for an Ulta Prestige or Urban Decay coupon.

I hope you guys enjoyed this and thought it was helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! xoxoxoxoxxxxooooo


9 thoughts on “Naked Palettes Comparison, Swatches, and Review (Picture-Heavy)

  1. stashmatters says:

    As much makeup as I own, I do not own a single UD Naked palette. I just cannot justify paying for a full 12 colour palette when I would likely use 1 or 2 shades. In that regard, from these palettes, I own the UD eye shadow in Naked, and YDK in the single pan form and I really like them. 🙂
    Funny that you started collecting these Naked palettes starting with #3! Most people start with #1!
    Thanks for this very thorough post – it must have taken a lot of work swatching and photographing all THREE palettes – fantastic job!


    • Meredith says:

      Well thank you! It’s definitely an investment. And yes! I only use a few select shades out of the whole palette, but I like to have the option. Who knows when I’ll want to try something new!
      I’m glad you liked it and found it informative! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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