A Nordstrom Rack Find

Happy Tuesday! I’m currently on my very snowy spring break. And because I have nothing else to do…I went shopping. What else is there to do in 2 feet of snow?


I have a shopping addiction. I know it, you know it, the American people know it.

If you have never been into a Nordstrom Rack for makeup, why?! Yes, they have cute clothes and bags and shoes, but the makeup is on point. It’s usually fairly high-end makeup, too. Take this Smashbox palette for example. This was part of their Cherry Smoke collection for Fall 2014 (so it’s not brand new by any means) but it was only $19.97 here, as opposed to $39 elsewhere.


These shadows are so nice! Especially the shimmery ones – they feel so smooth and buttery (I hate that word) and they look super shiny and metallic on the lids. The mattes are surprisingly nice, too, and they blend nicely and are super pigmented.


Overall, the price was amazing on this, and if you can still find it, pick one up for  yourself! Especially if you’re like me and you love smokey burgundy shades.


Have you guys found any surprising hidden gems in Nordstrom?


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