Lil Planties

Okay, so you should know this about me.

I’m very bad, awful, at keeping things alive.

Take the cute little wall-hanging mason jar herb planter idea. Adorable, and dead within a week. I tried…


Or that one time my mom bought me the most beautiful white orchid for my birthday and all of the petals fell off one by one. It was a long and painful process (to this day, I still call it “my poor orchid”). Then, when I noticed a new baby leaf was growing in, I went in to examine it closer, and ripped it right off. Doh! Take a close look in the last picture. You’ll notice it.


The only thing that I’ve managed to keep alive is a cactus that one of my friends got me as a graduation present. That was three years ago. And I haven’t killed it! So proud of myself.

I realize keeping a cactus alive isn’t exactly a hard thing to do…but for me, wow. I’m not even entirely convinced that it’s a real cactus…

Recently, I went on this plant kick. I was taking a biology lecture/lab last semester and we got to take home seedlings of a Wandering Jew plant. And, low and behold, I’ve kept it alive!

So then after I thought I could actually keep something alive for more than a month, I went to a plant nursery and went crazy buying succulents (like, $50-worth crazy). I bought some moss at World Market and planted little terrariums and there you have it, folks. My little *ALIVE* plants!

I must admit…one of the plants broke off at the stem, but but but I shoved it in some soil and it looks like it’s doing fine now!

Moral of the story, I’m obsessed with house plants. Ob-sess-ed. Obsessed (you don’t even wanna see my plant Pinterest board). Do you have any tips on keeping plants alive? Or how much to water them? Help a sista out.


9 thoughts on “Lil Planties

  1. The Simple Beginner says:

    I just had a look at your Pinterest and oh my goodness, your collection and your love for plants are incredibly, amazing 🙂


  2. Kaily says:

    Yeah… if you want your plants to live, just keep them from me. I kept one plant alive for 3 months when I was in college. I took it home for my mom to watch while I went up to Maine with a gf for a week and she killed it. Left it out in the garage… all week… no sun… no water… So we see where I get my green thumb from! I wish you luck though 🙂 I read somewhere that plants help to cycle the air in your house too so with $50 worth maybe you can clear out all of MI 🙂


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